New Website Launching !

Finally, Korea Tourism Organization KL Office launched a new official website on the 21st of April 2014!...

Traditional Korean Craft Arts Workshop & Exhibition (Quilting & Embroidery)

A collection of traditional Korean wrapping cloths, called bojagi in Korea, is being exhibited in Korea Plaza KL. About 50 Korean quilting(bojagi) with traditional embroidery are on view in a special ...

2014 March MATTA Travel Fair

March MATTA Fair Events & Promotions 2014, 14-16 March 2014, 10AM - 9PM, Hall 1M (Booth 31 - 32), PWTC KL ; Gift Redemption & Korean cultural activities will be held !...

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Gogossing Korea 'Free Independent Traveler (FIT)' Travel Workshop (26 April) : Kpop & Drama Theme

Come and join our Gogossing Korea 'Free Independent Traveler (FIT)' Travel Workshop for Kpop & Drama places information and tips sharing!!...

Korean Cooking Class 22-April-2014`

Come and join our cooking class to learn how to cook Soondubu Jjigae (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew) and Miyeok Ojingeo Salad (Seaweed Squid Salad) !...

Annual Schedule: Gogossing Korea ! Free Independent Traveler (FIT) Travel Workshop 2014

Check out our Gogossing Korea Travel Workshop annual schedule and start to plan your date with us!...

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Romance Journey to Busan & Jeju Island in January 2014

15-April-2014 19:25:31

Fell in love with Busan & Jeju. Charmingly decorated tour a...

Romance Blossoms in Busan, Gyeongsang-do & Jeollanam-do

15-April-2014 19:23:42

Korea is in full bloom now and let's meet various shooting p...


Shopping, Beauty & Cuisine in Korea !

Smart Love in Korea

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FAQ: Transportation

What is the different between T-money & Korea Pass?

1) T-money
T-money is a transportation card as well as a device used to pay for taxi fares and, in some cases, transactions at convenience stores. The T-money function is often added onto various payment (credit/debit) and discount travel cards. T-money can be used on public buses and subways in several different metropolitan cities and locations including Seoul-si, Gyeonggi-do, Daejeon-si, Incheon-si, Daegu-si and Busan-si. When using T-money, the public transportation fare is 100 won cheaper than paying with cash, and, unlike cash fares, T-money can be used when transferring from one bus to another, one subway line to another, or from bus to subway or vice versa (within a transfer time limit) at no extra charge. Also, T-money does away with the hassle of purchasing single journey subway tickets, and when you are finished using your T-money card, the remaining balance can be refunded after a 500 won service charge.

2) Korea Pass
Korea Pass is an all-in-one travel card that can be used to pay for accommodations, tourist attraction entrance fees, and shopping purchases. You can also activate the transportation function of the Korea Pass by charging it outside the subway or at any number of convenient locations throughout the country. The card can be used anywhere that credit cards are accepted and will even get you extra discounts when used at any of the 6,000 Korea Pass affiliated sites. Korea Pass is an incredibly convenient travel and transportation option for visitors to Korea.There are two basic types of Korea Passes: pre-paid cards (available in 50,000, 100,000, 300,000, and 500,000 won increments) and check cards (for international residents with a valid ‘Alien Registration Number’ only). Cards may be obtained at any Lotte Card issuer including any Lotte Department Store nationwide (keep reading for details).

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USD to KRW1,038.67
EUR to KRW1,434.96
MYR to KRW319.79
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